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Ultrasonic sealing machine compatible with various valve bag
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Ultrasonic sealing machine compatible with various valve bag

Why have to be Ultrasonic sealing machine?

The old model filling machines do not have ultrasonic sealer module on them for valve bags. It is also very complicated to install a new module on it because it needs mechanical changes and plc program update. So it is easy and economical to have a portable ultrasonic sealing machine in the factory. Ant Construction supplies this innovative solution to its customers.   Ultrasonic valve bag sealer converts high frequency mechanical sound waves on a thermoplastic material into frictional heat creating a positive seal on applicable valve bags by Ultrasonic welding technology. Ant Construction Ultrasonic has been specifically designed to work with valve bagging equipment and incorporates the latest ultrasonic sealing technology. Ultrasonic sealed bags do not leak during conveying, stacking, or shipping. Ant Construction Ultrasonic sealing machine works with different industries on powder products like bakers sugar, phosphate powders, talc, etc.

Specialties-Ultrasonic sealing machine compatible with various valve bag

Clean bags: filled bags are sealed prior to handling

Optimal product retention for accurate finished bag weight: : sealed bags do not leak during conveying, stacking or shipping

Retrofittable: easily mounted to any other brand valve packing machine.

Highly effective seals that prevent product contamination

Durable: IP68 controls and hardware designed for dusty environments

Small footprint minimizes required floor space

Main parameters--Ultrasonic sealing machine compatible with various valve bag

Overall size:   380mm×290mm×110mm

Net weight: 150kg

Output power:   0-4200W (can be customized if you need more power)

Output voltage:   0-3000V AC

Working   environment temperature: +5°C to +50°C

Sine harmonic   parameters: ≥97%

Working   frequency: 15KHz/20KHz/28KHz/30KHZ/35KHz/40KHz

Power supply:   AC220V 50Hz

Mold frequency   range: ±400HZ (take 15KHZ ultrasonic as an example, the mold frequency is in
  14.40-15.20KHZ can be used for automatic frequency trackinguse

Automatic   frequency tracking accuracy: ±5HZ

Output   stability: ≤ 5%

Time of the   remote terminal responds dynamically: ≤10ms

Overcurrent   protection current: 15A

Overcurrent   protection time: 100ms

485   communication