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Newest build modern dry-mix mortar production plant
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Newest build modern dry-mix mortar production plant

What's the specialty-Newest build modern dry-mix mortar production plant

Advanced dry mortar manufacturing plants with modern facilities, the production sequences are almost fully automatic with all the devices controlled and monitored by electronic sensors. The automatic dosing system is very precise with extremely high accuracy (e.g. 30kg ± 3g, 0.01%) especially for batching high performance chemical additives. The batching sequences and mixing cycles are specially designed for each product to ensure the powdery ingredients are blended to form a homogeneous mixture within the batch. High efficient modern dry-mix mortar production plant, the mixing time for each batch (say 2 Tons)  as short as 2 to 5 minutes depending on type and complexity of the product.

Specialty of Ant Construction machinery in building modern dry-mix mortar production plant 

Henan Ant Construction Machinery always highly focusing on quality and customer's need. Today, we are trendsetter in bulk material mixing technology in China and spread our business in worldwide. We provide comprehensive range of various industrial mixers include powder mixers, thermoplastic road marking paint mixer machine, wall putty powder production line, stone texture external wall paint production machine.