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Something important to know for producing wall putty powder
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Something importnats to know for producing wall putty powder

How much do you know about putty powder production?

Talking about the "make-up" of the wall, there is a saying among the painters, "Good quality paint can't working well on wall if without wall putty, good paint still needs good putty", which directly points out the fact that putty powder plays an important role in the wall painting.

Now let's introduce the experience of putty powder.

1.Not all heavy calcium powders are the same, stone density is different, grinding machines are different, humidity is different, the difference is very big!

2. Not each batch of calcined lime and calcium has the same effect.

3. The formula of white cement is different in winter and summer.

4. The strength of gypsum powder varies with the curing time of each batch.

5. ordinary tile adhesive is not allowed to stick vitrified brick (or marble).

6. Composite cement is basically bulk cement.

7. ordinary cellulose can't withstand the temperature of more than 40 degrees outside the wall in summer, and it loses its stickiness and water retention by hydration in half an hour.

8. The quality of HpMc cellulose not always depends on viscosity. Oxygen atoms on the hydroxyl and ether bonds of HPMC molecule can associate with water molecules to form hydrogen bonds, which can change free water into bound water, thus playing a good role in water retention.

9. Redispersible emulsion powder is the best modifier for cement.

10. The moisture content of heavy calcium powder must be less than 0.2%. The higher the moisture content, the shorter the storage time of finished putty.

11. The content of calcium hydroxide in lime powder determines its quality.

12. Cement contains a certain amount of gypsum.

13. Cement firming requires enough water to hydrate and harden, so water-retaining substances and air humidity have a great impact on cement-based putty.

14.  821 normaly inernal putty powder contains a large amount of pre-hulled starch, which affects the life of the putty. It is easy to get mildewed by dampness and has a short life.

15. The higher the diatom content in diatom mud products, the rougher the surface of diatom mud, the higher the water absorption rate.

16. Adding color paste in the later stage of diatom wall coat can save the quantity of diatom products and reduce the stock and loss.

17. 821 produced with sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) reacts with water whose alkalinity (ph value) is greater than 8 or with lime-calcium or white cement of the same value.

18. Don not afraid lime powder, it does not have completely chemical reaction with CMC, but only slow and small reaction! 

19. Lime powder and glue powder concentrate should not be mixed at the same time, they should be separated orderly.

21. Several powders of different proportions together, mixing time is not easy to be too long. The heavier the thing is, the later it goes down, the powdered glue concentrate needs to go down earlier, but not at the beginning.

22. Underground dust cannot be swept into the mixer, no matter how clean the ground is.

23. If the raw material in the mixer has black powder, don't take it to produce white products.

24. Can not produce products in the same one mixer which one product includes sand but the other one not include sand.

25. Can not produce together by one mixer which raw materials includes lime , calcium and gypsum powder!

26. The whiteness of heavy calcium powder should be greater than 90 degrees, and the fineness should be greater than 325 meshes. It is more scientific to make putty powder.

27. Dry powder products after production need to be stored at least 15 centimeters from the ground (pallets).

28. Cement is prone to change when it is stored for more than one month, and lose strength when it is stored for three months. Once the agglomeration begins, it should be abandoned.

30. It's better not to produce putty powder in rainy days. It's not long to store. Air humidity above 85% is not suitable for storage and production of putty powder.

31. Heavy calcium powder (heavy calcium carbonate) has many nicknames: double fly powder, old powder, white stone powder, large white powder, calcite powder.

32. The strength and label difference of 325 cement and 425 cement can not be solved by adding a little more glue powder.

33. Calcium ash belongs to the active strong alkali substance, which can destroy (corrode) various cellulose and acid and alkali resistant glue powder for a long time.

34. Impurities often occur in white cement and lime-calcium, which affect the fineness of grinding and need to be screened.

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