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What is difference between white cement and wall putty
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What is difference between white cement and wall putty

What is white cement?

1. White cement is mainly composed of calcium carbonate and other minerals. Calcium carbonate belongs to basic salt. It will neutralize when encountering acid, and then it will be weathered over time. White cement is very hard after being dried by air, and it will crack when its hardness reaches a certain degree, which is the reason why many walls crack.

What is wall putty?

2. Putty: it also contains white cement. However, it contains not only white cement, but also polymers such as acrylic acid emulsion. Now most high-rise buildings must use putty, because its cost is similar to that of white cement and glue, but its quality is different. From alkali resistance to crack resistance, acid resistance and so on are obviously better than white cement!

3. Now the traditional use of white cement is to add glue, but white cement will be weathered after a long time, so now putty is more commonly used.

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