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How to choose dry mix gypsum plaster
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How to choose dry mix gypsum plaster

What is gypsum plaster mortar?

Gypsum mortar is often used in the field of building decoration. But for the specific definition of gypsum mortar and how to use it, everyone may not be very familiar with it. If you need home decoration, you will definitely want to know about gypsum mortar. Next, I will introduce to you what is gypsum mortar.


1.     Gypsum mortar is a commonly used building material for wall decoration. It is very popular in the construction field due to its high availability and low cost.

2.     Gypsum mortar has two functions when plastering the wall, one is to fill the gaps in the wall, and the other one is to plaster the wall to make it smooth and flatness. These two purposes use different types of gypsum mortar, and different methods of application.

3.     In addition to the practicality of gypsum mortar, the convenient operation is also the reason for its popularity. The gypsum mortar is mixed with water and make it into slurry when using it. It can be said that there is no difference between gypsum mortar and cement mortar in terms of construction method and material ratio.

4.     Gypsum mortar is one of the most commonly used materials in construction, and it is also very convenient to clean. However, when actually using gypsum mortar, everyone should also pay attention to protecting the already laid ground and the placed furniture to avoid pollution.

How to choose gypsum plaster?

1.     Gypsum plaster is mainly used for plastering various walls and ceilings in buildings, and is not suitable for places that are often in contact with water, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

2.     According to the application, choose different types of gypsum plaster reasonably or propose gypsum plaster with special properties according to construction needs.

3.     When the plastering thickness is less than 3mm, you can directly use the surface gypsum plaster; when the thickness is greater than 3mm, you can use the bottom type gypsum plaster to make the base and level, and then use the surface gypsum to paint the plaster.

4.     The combination area of the two different wall putty should be strengthened with more than 80 grams medium-alkali glass fiber mesh as much as possible.

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